Sean Solo from Macon, GA

Morning Stars and Angels Sing album cover

Welcome back to another edition of the Modern Music Analysis Local Artist Series! Today, I will be highlighting Mr. Sean Solo, an artist from the same historic hometown of Otis Redding (among several other famous musicians) himself — Macon, Georgia. Here’s a little more about the artist and their newest project, Morning Stars and Angels Sing (which I will be reviewing below):

Sean Solo is an American Indie rock singer, guitarist and songwriter. Williams has been compared to Brian Wilson, Paul Simon, and Sufjan Stevens. PopMatters describes Williams as an “invigorating new pop act”. On May 28, 2021, he released…

A review of Snoh Aalegra’s third studio album

snoh aalegra temporary highs in the violet skies
snoh aalegra temporary highs in the violet skies
Album cover art

With TEMPORARY HIGHS IN THE VIOLET SKIES, Snoh Aalegra creates a new-wave funk pop/R&B vibe that is certain to catch the ear of the unfamiliar listener (think lo-fi with actual lyrics). With a coveted feature from superstar Tyler, The Creator and James Fauntleroy, the album captivates our attention with simple production that is complemented perfectly with the dazzling vocals from Aalegra. Normally a sought-out feature artist, Snoh Aalegra solidifies herself as a beyond capable solo R&B artist with this album. This is an addicting 46-minute listen and can grow on you with consecutive approaches.

The addiction of this album draws…

Doss from Warner Robins, GA

I Gave My Heart album cover

Hello and welcome to a new series by Modern Music Analysis, the Local Artist Series! Recently, I reached out on my personal Facebook to my hometown to highlight some of the hidden talent in the city. This will be the first of several editions and I hope some other writers in the publication would be interested in doing the same in bringing light to their respective cities (if so, get in contact with me).

The first artist I will be highlighting is Mr. Michael Doss. Here is a small bio about the artist provided by them:

“I was born in…

A look at Drake’s third studio album

Both covers for Nothing Was The Same

As we wait for the overdue arrival of Certified Lover Boy from Drake, I will be highlighting some of the discography of the greatest artist of my lifetime, starting with Nothing Was the Same. Many consider this album to be the best of Drake’s discography, and they have a point. While it isn’t my persona l favorite, I can certainly understand the critical acclaim. This album is the height of both the singing and rapping Drake.

While the album does open a little slow with “Tuscan Leather” and “Furthest Thing”, this doesn’t take away from the impact these songs have…

A look at Daniel Caesar’s second studio album

Case Study 01 album cover

After being “cancelled” by mainstream consumers after a drunken IG live, many missed out on a classic R&B album. Even after demanding to be cancelled (and succeeding by most standards), Daniel Caesar went out and created an amazing album which didn’t receive the love it deserves — ultimately, due to the timing of its release. However, if you find the fallacy of “cancel culture” redundant, then you will find this album to be a true masterpiece. Otherwise, look the other way.

This album feels like classic Daniel Caesar: beautiful singing ability backed by underrated lyricism with an emphasis on love…

Source: NME/Getty

Announced on his Instagram on June 30, The Weeknd plans on starring and cowriting a show alongside Sam Levinson, the creator of the hit show ‘Euphoria’, among other writers. The show is currently titled, “The Idol” and will follow a female pop star and an L.A. club owner (Variety). Not much is known other than what is provided by Variety at this point; however, this isn’t the first time The Weeknd has made an appearance on hit TV shows.

The Weeknd has also appeared alongside Stan Smith in “American Dad” and Adam Sandler in “Uncut Gems”. A potential screenplay was…

Updates from the month of June

Photo by Denise Jans on Unsplash

A note from the editors of Modern Music Analysis

Hello and welcome back to another edition of MMA’s Monthly Message! The month of June was huge for both the publication and the music scene in general as we have long-awaited releases from some of our favorite artists. Check out what the month of June had to offer below.

Officially Official

As mentioned in last month’s version of MMA’s Monthly Message, we have officially launched a Modern Music Analysis website. Becoming a member of the website allows you to interact with other members and blog contributors directly, along with exclusive access to groups…

A review of Harry Styles’ second studio album

Fine Line album cover

The former One Direction member — perhaps the most commercially successful thus far — creates an interesting album in Fine Line that I sort of feel like has a throwback kind of element. Led by singles, “Watermelon Sugar” and “Lights Up”, half of this album hit the radio airwaves hard and fast. The powerful, yet calming nature in which Styles’ sings creates a deeply personal experience that feels like a Hallmark movie in the summer.

Beginning with “Golden”, Harry describes the radiation of a romantic partner as their presence is golden and godlike, similar to the sun. To further hint…

A noticeable difference in style for this artist

Flower Boy album cover art
Flower Boy album cover art

Flower Boy officially signaled the bloom of Tyler, The Creator as an artist. Being entirely produced by Tyler himself, the album feels deeply personal as we travel through the emotions of a lonely artist. Admittedly, I took me a while to warm up to this album. Upon my first listen on its release in 2017, I was shocked by how different this version of Tyler was, compared to the one I used to listen to on his infamous Goblin and Bastard albums. The once abrasive, and almost offensive, rapper had changed — and perhaps, for the better.

The most amicable…

Meet the newest up and coming singer, Sarah Cothran

Photo by Hello I'm Nik on Unsplash

It’s no secret that Tik Tok has a say in the way music reaches the airwaves. Several big name artists have used the social media app to increase listenership to their songs in streaming platforms. The app even has the ability to sway the Billboard charts, with a song from an old children’s show reaching the top of the charts recently (“Castaways” by The Backyardigan’s). That being said, this app has become one of the best ways to discover new musical talent as millions watch. Take Sarah Cothran, for example.

With a powerful cover of Matt Maltese’s “As The World…

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