Updates for April 2021

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A note from the owner of the Modern Music Analysis publication, Josh Herring

Welcome back to another Monthly Message from MMA! Check out what the publication has been up to for the month of April below.

Huge Growth

Another month of huge growth at MMA. Despite not reaching the followers goal, every other goal was shattered! Reading time has been through the roof, with two weeks straight of over 100 minutes read per day. Along with just reaching our views goal, the number of unique daily visitors sits at around 69 (nice) per day. …

How the band has tumbled out of the limelight

Source: Grammy.com

I don’t know if it’s the nostalgia factor or maybe my music taste has just changed, but Maroon 5’s transition from catchy “corporate punk” music to, admittedly, annoying pop radio hits is disappointing to say the least. Is this band anyone’s favorite anymore or was it anyone’s to begin with? It seems like they made a deal with the industry to be a second thought, to produce good, even great, music while never being the favorite thing out. This is the kind of music that you forget exists until you hear it in a department store.

I remember being a…

The personal impact of Joey Bada$$’s sophomore album, All-Amerikkkan Bada$$

Source: Genius.com

4 years ago, Joey Bada$$ released a (personally) life-changing album. The timing of this album is pivotal for me, as it came out right as I was approaching my senior year of high school. In my opinion, this album is a certified classic and will continue to age beautifully as it inspires the youth. With some of the most difficult subject matters to talk about, Joey Bada$$ sends a very loud message in his sophomore album. From police brutality to reparations, the black plight in America comes to the forefront. What’s almost heart-breaking looking back at it, is that every…

Why this 20 year old rapper is serving a life sentence in prison

Source: JetlagTV/Instagram

Didn’t Beat the Case, Do the Race

Taymor McIntyre, a young rapper out of Texas, (unfortunately) lived the life that he raps about in his music. After a home invasion in 2016, young Tay-K went on the run — evading a capital murder charge. This is partially because of the courts intent on trying him as an adult. The way the justice system holds black children to a different standard is so obvious, but that’s a quarrel for a different time.

After being tracked down in New Jersey and a lengthy legal process, he was sentenced to 55 years in prison for the murder charge, 30 years…

A review of The Weeknd’s debut studio album

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/fakealbumcovers/comments/ebddf5/the_weeknd_kiss_land/

From here, you are entering Kissland, an album filled to the brim with excitement and amusement (like a theme park) combined with a sense of 80’s euphoria. In the debut studio album by The Weeknd, we travel through the psyche of drug riddled lover along with a paid dancer/prostitute as they acid trip their way through love and sex. Set to the dystopian tune of Blade Runner, the pop superstar keeps us on our toes the entire way. Keep your hands and feet inside at all times and enjoy the read!

Upon my first listen of this album a few…

Updates on Modern Music Analysis for the month of March

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A note from the owner of Modern Music Analysis, Josh Herring

Continued Growth

With the support of family, friends, former teachers (hey Mrs. Stahl and Stewart!), and even complete strangers, Modern Music Analysis continues to grow. Over the past month, we have surpassed great milestones: over (1800) total minutes read on the publication, one day with 100 total minutes read, an increasing number of daily visitors, and over (3000) total views! Thank you to everyone that has viewed MMA, even if it was for 1 second.

For the next month, our main goal at MMA is to expand our reach on other…

A first look at the collaboration album by artists Tireek and Lonely Leonard

Crookland album cover art

Consider this an exclusive look at the newest album by up-and-coming artists Tireek and Lonely Leonard. In Modern Music Analysis first collaboration with an artist, we break down CROOKLAND — an album that tackles the heaviest and, unfortunately, common topics among black America.

CROOKLAND is the debut collaborative album by artists Lonely Leonard & Tireek. The full-length project is raw, honest, and unapologetic as it tackles issues such as racism, police brutality, injustice, poverty and more. Recorded over a span on 2 years, the album sees the east coast artists spit some of their best and most potent verses which…

A review of Cordae’s debut studio album, The Lost Boy

Source: Consequenceofsound.net

In staunch opposition to his peers, Cordae skillfully showcases his lyricism and rapping repertoire in his debut album, The Lost Boy. He looks to be the kind of artist that will set himself apart in his generation much like J.Cole and Kendrick Lamar did. Despite having to leave his former label and name sake, YBN, it was absolutely the best choice, as Cordae is lightyears ahead in skill of anyone else affiliated with YBN. From here, we discover who Cordae is and why he is here to stay.

In an album of self-discovery, Cordae leads us on a journey through…

Why CTRL was an awakening for many listeners

CTRL Album Cover

In an album of self-discovery, SZA preaches on the themes of body image and insecurity, femininity, and love. This album is heavy on questioning the societal norms that are placed upon women. The necessity to remain perfect at all times, being complacent or submissive in toxic relationships, and remaining sexually monogamous are all questioned in this come-to-earth album by SZA.

The primordial struggle of being a woman is the strife SZA explores in CTRL. Upon advice from her mother and grandmother throughout the album, she is encouraged to seize control of her life — to put matters into her own…

The first newsletter from Modern Music Analysis — February 2021

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A note from Josh Herring, the owner of Modern Music Analysis

Your Support Does Not Go Unnoticed

Hello, and welcome to the first newsletter from Modern Music Analysis! Thank you for all of your support through our first month or so as a publication on Medium. Having a creative outlet to write about music on a platform such as Medium is so important to who we are as readers and writers. You might’ve noticed how saturated the website can be with countless self-help articles, writing tips, and relationship issues. This publication is a step away from these clickbaity works and provides quality analyses of modern music…

Josh Herring

An emerging writer | Top Writer in Music | Owner of Modern Music Analysis publication: https://medium.com/modern-music-analysis

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